School Principal from Mathugama Crowned Winner of Integrity Icon 2019  

Ms. P.A.C. Priyadarshani, the Principal of St. Mary’s College, Mathugama, was crowned the winner of Integrity Icon 2019 last evening (9), having polled the most votes in the Public SMS poll, which garnered over 20,000 votes. The Integrity Icon 2019 finalé also felicitated the four other icons, Mr. A.M.A.S. Amarasinghe, Assistant Superintendent at the Sri Lanka Customs Central Investigation Bureau, Mr. B.K.P. Chandrakeerthi, Director General of the Coast Conservation Department, Mr. K. Kunanathan, Divisional Secretary for Verugal in Trincomalee and the Director of the Jaffna Teaching Hospital, Dr. T. Sathiyamoorthy. 

Ms. P.A.C. Priyadarshani  [WINNER]– Corruption in Grade 1 enrolments at public schools is a major issue faced by the general public annually. The Principal of St. Mary’s College, Mathugama, Ms. Priyadarshani developed a unique scoring system to mitigate and prevent such corruption. Her merit-based enrolment system has won her praise and applause from all quarters in her community but she has also met the ire of political authorities with courage. Her efficient use of limited resources to develop facilities at St. Mary’s College including the introduction of E-boards and sports facilities has earned her many commendations.

Mr. A.M.A.S. Amarasinghe – As an Assistant Superintendent of Customs at the Sri Lanka Customs Central Investigation Bureau, Mr. Amarasinghe has played a lead role in many successful raids and prosecutions carried out by the bureau. Mr. Amarasinghe identifies the Customs department as a key revenue earner for the state and is committed to the belief that these revenues should be utilised to improve public services.

Mr. B.K.P. Chandrakeerthi – As the Director General of the Coast Conservation Department, Mr. Chandrakeerthi took the lead in implementing the Department’s online approvals system. Having identified one-on-one interactions between clients and department personnel as providing opportunities for corruption, Mr. Chandrakeerthi deployed an online approvals system to minimise such interactions and automate the approvals process. Throughout his career in public service Mr. Chandrakeerthi has displayed a demonstrable commitment to honesty and integrity.

Mr. K. Kunanathan – As Divisional Secretary for the Verugal Division in the Trincomalee District, Mr. Kunanathan’s strong anti-corruption stance has led to improved public service delivery at the Secretariat. Embracing the potential of digital technology to combat corruption, Mr. Kunanathan introduced an online applications and approvals process for various services offered by the Secretariat. In addition to this, Mr. Kunanathan has also been swift to initiate action on officials accused of corruption. Mr. Kunanathan has also taken on the responsibility of implementing many social welfare and community development projects in the Verugal area.

Dr. T. Sathiyamoorthy – The health sector is constantly plagued with accusations of corruption and malpractice. In such an environment, the Director of the Jaffna Teaching Hospital, Dr. Sathiyamoorthy stands apart as a medical administrator who tirelessly strives to ensure the welfare of his patients. Dr. Sathiyamoorthy identifies dereliction of duty in the health sector as a major corruption issue and has strived towards combating this by instituting several measures including prohibiting private consultancy by doctors whilst on duty at the hospital. His actions have earned the Jaffna Teaching Hospital a reputation amongst patients as being an exceptional health service provider.

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