Congratulations to the Integrity Icon 2020 Sri Lanka Winners

    and the Winner of the People’s Choice Award Ms. Inoka Himali Rathnaweera, Divisional Secretary Four Gravets, Galle 


Meet 2020 Icons

Ms. I. H. Rathnaweera [People’s Choice Award]

The Divisional Secretariat is a public office that all citizens are familiar with and it is an institution that is usually the first point of contact between the public and the public serviceEvery day, members of the public flock to their Divisional Secretariat offices to access a myriad of public services. In this crucial institution, the Divisional Secretary for FourGravets in Galle, Ms. Inoka Himali Rathnaweera has been successful in maintaining public trust and confidence by ensuring timely and efficient public service delivery by embracing modern technology and by mitigating bribery and corruption. A notable intervention carried out by Ms. Rathnaweera was the tackling of fraudulent voter registration lists used to enroll children in public schools. By training and appointing new Grama Niladharis for the affected areas, Ms. Rathnaweera was able to arrest this practice and ensure equal treatment for all citizens in her division. Working closely with the public, Ms. Rathnaweera has been lauded for her efficiency and diligence in dealing with natural disasters including in the fair distribution of government allocated relief. Her integrity and ideals in such situations have often made her the victim of political pressure, threats and intimidation but in all such instances Ms. Rathnaweera has stood by the public serving as a role model for officials everywhere. 

Ms. A. M. K. C. K Athapaththu 

Co-operative societies are an aspect of the public service that is closely bonded with the day to day lives of many Sri Lankans. Maintaining the highest standards of transparency and efficiency are crucial in this sector, which is a boon for many low-income families. As the Commissioner of Co-operatives Development and Registrar of Co-operative Societies in the Central Province Ms. Chamila Athapaththu, has provided a yeoman service by implementing information technology solutions to mitigate corruption and irregularities. She has been instrumental in providing leadership to deliver a productive and efficient service by ensuring proper regulation and diversification in co-operative societies. By working closely with officials at the community level Ms. Athapaththu has also been able to expose major incidents of fraud and has steadfastly withstood external pressures to cover up these issues.  

Mr. A. M. C. P. Aththanayaka 

Sri Lanka is home to unique ecosystems and flora and fauna which are an invaluable resource. Against a backdrop where forests around the world are under threat, Mr. Chaminda Aththanayaka, a Wildlife Ranger Assistant at the Yala National Park, stands on the frontlines defending our country’s most valuable natural resources. Facing near insurmountable challenges and pressures both externally and internally, Mr. Aththanayaka has played a crucial role in enforcing the law against poachers and stymying the illegal trade in elephant tusks. Going beyond the confines of his official duties, Mr. Aththanayaka has proactively sought to increase public awareness on the importance of wildlife conservation through his YouTube channel and other social media platforms, public awareness programs and community-based tree planting campaigns. Through this work, Mr. Aththanayaka hopes to bring forth new conservationists from amongst the broader community and educate the public on the importance of preserving and nurturing our environment. 

Mr. R. H. S. Masinghe 

The role of Senior Superintendent of Police, the primary enforcers of the law and keepers of the peace in a country, is a duty that carries immense responsibility and comes with a myriad of challenges. The SSP for Kandy, Mr. Sudath Masinghe who fulfills this duty impeccably maintaining the highest standards of integrity, is a role model for all police officers in the country. Courageously facing life-threatening risks in tackling some of the most infamous criminal figures in the country, SSP Masinghe has a zero-tolerance approach to corruption and has enforced the law without fear or favourBuilding public trust in the Sri Lanka Police, SSP Masinghe’s approach has unsurprisingly repeatedly placed him in the crosshairs of political authorities and both external and internal forces. However, he has remained steadfast in enforcing the law to the letter and has even gone beyond his official duties to conduct youth engagement programs and programs for school students. 

Mr. S. Sutharsan 

A Divisional Secretariat deals with many public services that a citizen requires from the time of their birth to the time of their passing. Facing seemingly insurmountable odds at times, the Divisional Secretary for Jaffna, Mr. Sambasivam Sutharsan has adopted a zero-tolerance policy towards bribery and corruption, committing himself and his office towards providing the best possible service to the people. An honest official in every sense, Mr. Sudarshan has played an instrumental role in leading his team to rebuild communities under his charge who were battered by the 30 year-long civil war. In the current COVID-19 pandemic too, Mr. Sutharsan has been able to ensure fair distribution of government relief amongst the communities under his purview, withstanding political pressures to undermine the service. Mr. Sutharsan is well known amongst the community as an official who does not confine himself to his desk, walking amongst the public and working with them to ensure a better service for all. Mr. Sutharsan has also played an instrumental role in introducing a range of social service and community development projects in the Jaffna district. 


Integrity Icon is a global campaign run by citizens in search of honest government officials. It aims to champion integrity by “naming and faming” bureaucrats as positive role models. In doing so it hopes to inspire the next generation of responsible leaders.

Through a nationwide media campaign, citizens are invited to nominate public officials that have demonstrated integrity in their personal and professional conduct. The nominees will be evaluated by an esteemed panel of independent judges, who narrow down the nominees to a final shortlist of five Integrity Icons. The nomination period will be open from 15th June to 31st July 2020.

After the panel of judges selects the final five Integrity Icons, the stories of the icons, including their background, their work, the obstacles they have had to overcome, the impact of their conduct and their aspirations are then filmed and broadcast on electronic and social media. Citizens can then vote for their favourite through SMS short-codes and the finalist with the most votes will be recognised as the winner of Integrity Icon 2020.


M. M. Mohammed

Former Commissioner General of Elections- Election Commission of Sri Lanka

Hemanthi Goonasekera

CEO at Federation of Sri Lankan Local Government Authorities, Director of Local Government Initiative Network

Dharmasiri Nanayakkara

Former Deputy Commissioner of Local Government- Western Province

M. D. S. Harold

Retired Deputy Auditor General and former Chairperson of Transparency International Sri Lanka


Freelance Journalist, Media Trainer, Lecturer



Appointment of the panel of judges


Launch of Integrity Icon Sri lanka

Call for nominations through print, electronic and online media

Sorting of nominations


Verification of information provided


Selection of five integrity icons by the panel of judges


Production and dissemination of integrity icons biography videos


Public voting for winner of integrity icon 2019


Award Ceremony



Public servants who have displayed integrity in their engagement with the public and those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the integrity of their service are eligible to be nominated as an Integrity Idol. Their conduct should be exemplary and admirable, inspiring others too to take such action. Preference is given to local level officials. Retired officials or those working on a contractual basis are not eligible.

An applicant should,

be a citizen of Sri Lanka;

be a current employee working full time in any government office, agency, or department with at least 5 years of service to go before retirement;

have served in government jobs for at least 5 years at the time of nomination for Integrity Icon;

have honestly fulfilled his/her duties and responsibilities as a government official/civil servant with integrity;

not have been convicted of a crime or any kind of misuse of power, or indicted by any state body;

be open to participating in the campaign and the public voting process, and must abide by the decisions of the panel of judges’ and the outcome of the public voting process;

be willing to be filmed, with images broadcast on local, national and international media.


A nomination should illustrate the fulfillment of the following criteria:

Significance of the impact of the initiatives undertaken.

The extent of impact this effort/activity may have had beyond the personal sphere of influence extending to the,


Local community

National level

International arena

Extent to which formidable challenges that appear strong and difficult for a person holding such position were overcome.

Degree of economic, personal, physical, social, professional, or organizational sacrifices made to achieve a positive impact.

Ability to use the initiative as a benchmark in public service.

Extent to which the opportunity provided by the position he/she holds is used as leverage to engage in the initiatives undertaken.

It has to be clear that the nominee is being nominated for integrity and not simply for carrying out their duties competently.


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Frequently Asked Questions
Who qualifies as a Public Official?

Public officers include but are not limited to, permanent employees of the state from any authority, agency, department, board, security service or state owned enterprise amongst others.

What is Integrity?

Though it primarily means incorruptibility, we have given a broader definition to the word, recognizing those who go above and beyond the call of duty in delivering their services, demonstrating exceptional commitment in fulfilling their public duties while being honest and maintaining strong moral principles.

How do I nominate?

Anyone can nominate a candidate or themselves. The nomination form will be made available and collected through the following channels:

  • Website [www.integrityicon.lk]
  • Email [icon@tisrilanka.org]
  • Hand-written and printed forms can be sent by post or delivered to the TISL office at 5/1, Elibank Road, Colombo 05.

If you require further information, contact our hotline –  0711 295 295

How do I vote?

Voting opens in conjunction with the broadcasting of the biographical videos of the five Integrity Icons. Public voting will take place through a dedicated SMS short-code and necessary steps will be taken to ensure the integrity of the voting process as far as possible in order to minimize the potential for fraud. If any kind of voter fraud is discovered and if one of the nominees is involved, he or she will be expelled from the competition immediately by the panel of judges.


If you want to nominate person, Please send basic information first by filling our short application form. Please click below button for application form.



Transparency International Sri Lanka,

5/1, Elibank Road,

Colombo 05,

Sri Lanka

Time: 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM [Monday to Friday]




0711 295 295   -or –   076 117 33 44


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